Speech Therapy

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Does your child have a medical condition that makes communication challenging?

The purpose and goal of speech therapy is to facilitate communication and there are several ways to communicate.Speech therapy has been successful for treating speech disorders and conditions affecting the way an individual is able to communicate. A licensed speech language pathologist (SLP) will determine what methods a child will benefit from. Being able to express needs, wants, thoughts and emotions is what speech therapist aim for.

The SLP will evaluate the child and formulate a care plan specifically designed to address the barrier/need. Most therapy sessions are designed with the intent for the child to see this as a positive and fun experience. At times it might seem like the child and therapist are playing a game. Therapeutic fun activities such as, popping bubbles or a simple game of ‘ blowing the tissue’ is actually teaching them to use their muscles to create a word. At First Kid’s PPEC, our licensed speech therapists work with your child to improve their overall day-to-day communication skills and vocabulary.

Speech therapy is also used for individuals with feeding difficulties or shallowing disorders. G-tube feeders that are transitioning to oral feeding, also require speech therapy as they will need to learn how to feed by mouth. For children with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) in particular, can be very selective (picky eaters) and feeding time is often met with a lot of resistance from care givers.

Goals for SLP is for the child to select different food choices which will lead to healthier and more nutritional meals. Communicating the child’s individualized needs with caregivers, nursing, and staff will ensure successful treatment and thus being able to reach their potential. First Kid’s PPEC believes in individualized/ patient center care as every child is unique in their own way. This belief ensures that each child is receiving care that has been designed specifically for them in an atmosphere they look forward too each day.


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