What is a PPEC?

A prescribed pediatric extended care (“PPEC”) is a medical daycare facility where children with medically complex conditions receive skilled nursing care as well asspeech, occupational, and physical therapies.

Why First Kid’s PPEC?

As the only physician-owned network of PPECs in South Florida, at First Kid’s PPEC we provide children with a safe, professional, and fun environment to receive the care, allowing parents to return to the workforce. We have over +50 medical experience and are here to help your child improve!

We transport your child to and from the home, school, or doctor’s office, where children are always accompanied by one of our nurses. Our services, therapies, transportation, and meals are provided at no cost to parents!

Who Qualifies for PPEC Services?

Families must each of these criteria to receive PPEC services:

  • Medicaid Eligible. Patients must be either Medicaid eligible or participate in a Medicaid HMO (via Simply Healthcare, Humana, etc.). Families that meet this requirement will not be required to pay any amounts for PPEC services
  • Medical Complexity. Patients must have a qualifying medical complexity. Visit our homepage (fkppec.com) to review a list of qualifying conditions
  • Prescription. A doctor must write your child a prescription. PPEC prescriptions are commonly provided by pediatricians, neurologists, or other pediatric specialists

What to do Next?

If you believe your child may qualify for PPEC services, contact us! You can reach us at (305) 490 –2009 or email us at info@fkppec.com. We have locations in both Miami and Broward waiting to serve you!

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